Mala Somers

Head: Legal Risk Management
FirstRand Bank Limited

Mala Somers has post admission experience as an attorney of 19 years and 18 of those years have been in the banking industry.

She has been in her current role for almost 5 years. Her role focuses on the governance of legal risk for the FirstRand Group, dealing with the various aspect of legal risk, and the consideration and implementation of strategic initiatives to enhance the focus and management of legal risk across the Group, in collaboration with the heads of legal and legal advisers across the Group. In addition, she is in a legal advisory role and responsible for oversight and review of emerging legislation that will have an impact on the Group.

Prior to her current position, she spent just over 10 years in the Group Legal department of a bank and dealt with various aspects of commercial law, including drafting and vetting of contracts; providing legal advice and opinions; working on various emerging legislation projects; and administration of an intellectual property portfolio.

In addition, she gained extensive experience in the management and governance of legal risk; and an understanding of the enterprise risk environment within which a bank operates. Prior to that, she was in private practice for 18 months following completion of her articles of clerkship.

Mala heads the Legal Risk Management Department in First Rand Bank Limited. She holds a B.Com (Law) degree as also LLB, LLM (Specialisation in Banking Law) and LLM (Specialisation in Corporate Law).

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