Legal Era Conclave & Awards 2019, Africa

Meet Africa Leading General Counsel, Lawyers & Law Firms Network

Africa may continue to attract jaded metaphors from the West but the reality is a lot more inspiring. With 54 countries and nearly 1.1 billion of the world’s population, the vast continent offers a wealth of opportunities to both local and global investors. Interestingly, these are no longer restricted to natural resources like in the past, and all eyes are now on the fast-emerging telecom, technology and agribusiness sectors.

It follows that Africa is also home to a burgeoning legal market, with European, American and now, even Asian law firms looking to set shop in regions such as Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Central and South Africa. Africa is one of the most diverse markets on the one hand but on the other, it presents a maze of political rivalry and economic instability that needs to be successfully negotiated to realize its full potential.

In sync with the mandate of Legal Era Magazine to expand footprint in and serve as development platform in promising markets, we are proud to present the inaugural Legal Era Conclave & Awards 2019, Africa on 19th July 2019 at the Wanderers Club, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Summit will bring together leading senior and general counsel to discuss the evolving African landscape to deliver critical insights across a range of industries, old and new, thereby accelerating growth and development.

The Summit assumes added significance considering the ever-expanding role of General Counsel in today’s day and age. General Counsel is no longer someone who simply oversees contracts and represents the organization in court proceedings. He or she increasingly works alongside the top management, fostering overall growth of the company while ensuring smooth and cost-effective business operations and preempting and managing risk, among others. The rise in cross-border transactions and business volatility, the changing regulatory concerns, and the changing plagiarism laws with respect to the Internet and e-commerce make the General Counsel’s job even more challenging than it already is.

Coming at such a time, the Summit will see informative and interactive sessions on topics such as GC as business enabler and business advisor, dispute resolution ecosystem in Africa, M&A in unified Africa, managing risk in a challenging climate, corporate fraud, latest trends in energy and infrastructure, and criminal liability for companies and individuals.

As Legal Era Magazine’s maiden foray into Africa, we invite active participation from all our stakeholders in making this event a great success.

Join us in July for a unforgettable experience.

200 Participants
10 Sessions
35 Speakers

Key Discussion Area

Changing Africa Legal Landscape: What is the Icing on the Continent? The Emergence of New African Lawyers: How to find the Right Lawyer?

General Counsel in 21st Century is a Business Enabler & Business Advisor

CEOs Expectations from A General Counsel: What CEOs Expect from a GC? How the GC Handle Pressure Situations? What should be Strategies of a GC while Dealing with Business? What areas should be avoided & How to deal with a Difficult Board?

Criminal Liability for Companies and Individuals: The Impact FCPA & Anti Bribery Act on Ethics and Compliance

Managing Risk in a Challenging Climate

Energy & Infrastructure- What are the Latest Trends?

Legal Team of the Future: What need to be done with New Technologies coming in, The Worldwide Changing Legal Landscape, Dealing with Demands of Multiple Regulator,. Ethical Conflicts & Others. How the General Counsel Should Act & React to such Situations? What Skills GC should have to be a Super Hero?


Achadu David Attah
Chief Legal Advisor and Company Secretary
Taleveras Group
Adebayo Azeez
Executive Director Legal & Corporate Services
Phase3 Telecom
Andrita Maharaj
Legal Counsel
Saint-Gobain Construction Products SA (Pty) Ltd
Christopher Akiwumi
Christopher Akiwumi
Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs, MEA
Microsoft Corporation
Cherine Hoffman
CH Legal Consulting (Pty) Limited

Donovan Cavanagh
Group Legal Head
Alistair Group

Doxa Mbapila
Head of Legal and Company Secretary
National Bank of Commerce Limited

Dr. Vivek Mittal
Regional Counsel - METAI Region Diagnostics
Platform Danaher Corporation


The Wanderer's Club
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